Salon Owner Prosperity: 7 Things You Never Learned in School | Salon Plaza

To borrow from Mark Twain, never let schooling interfere with your education! In my monthly ghostwriting assignment for Salon Plaza, I list 7 key components to successfully owning a salon that are not always taught in beauty school. Topics include how to develop a strong online presence and cultivate client loyalty. These components are a surefire way to help new and experienced salon professionals be in business for themselves by themselves.

On Sandra Cisneros’ A House of My Own

In New York City, a place I’ve longed to live since childhood, I wrestle with unattainability. One evening on my friend’s rooftop, I watched the sun set over the Manhattan skyline. How ecstatic I was to finally see this in the horizon. The scene felt almost scripted. Two girls sit on a rooftop and talk each other weak. They are both new to New York. Wrapped in fleece blankets, they raise their wine glasses to the skyline. The sky darkens and the city awakens. It feels strange to attribute so mu

Shirley Jackson and the Ordinariness of Evil

In the classic supernatural thriller The Haunting of Hill House, Shirley Jackson writes, It was this basic fear of conformity—the prospect of becoming someone else’s idea—that compelled Jackson to divulge not only the supernatural but the wickedness of the everyday. To read Jackson is to dismantle the familiar and become on nodding terms with the void that will gladly take its place. With an unerring eye that exposed the macabre in domesticity and domesticity in the macabre, Jackson achieved a

The Empathy of Gina Berriault

Outside an old hotel in the Swiss Alps, an elderly writer fearing the end of his literary career watches two figures climb the steepest side of a distant mountain. Miles away, the climbers are visible as blackened specks against a glorious sheet of snow. They vanish then reemerge while the writer watches with a deepened wondering about this foreign couple braving the atmosphere. Suddenly the specks fall one after the other as if purposefully brushed off and the writer is left to process this cas

Community-Word Project

Before I started in the Teaching Artist Training & Internship Program (TATIP) with CWP, I had no idea lesson planning would bear such a glaring resemblance to my own creative process. As a fiction writer, I know that the stories I write have the capacity to go in any direction of their choosing. Whenever I begin a story, I never know where the words will take me or what the final result will look like. Eventually, the writer and the story stand as two separate beings. Intent becomes obsolete.